Covid Vaccine – update 22.01.21


All Ealing Practices have been instructed to move over to a text booking system for the Covid Vaccine.  When your patient group is next to be invited for the vaccine, you will receive a text with a link to follow. The link will ask you for your date of birth and then allow you to book an available slot at the Centre of your choice. You can also decline the vaccine. If you do not see any slots this means they have all been booked. You will remain on our list and receive another invite when more vaccines are available. Please click on this link to see a guide to booking your vaccine:


Currently all Covid Vaccines in Ealing are being administered at either Ealing Town Hall or the Dominion Centre, Southall  – due to specific temperature  storage . These centers are being staffed by Ealing GP practices.

There are limited supplies at the moment and the most at risk over 80 patients in the first instance have been contacted as per Government instruction, to attend for their vaccine.  We have no control as to when the vaccines are available but rest assured we will contact you as soon as they are.

For further information regarding the vaccine see: COVID-19 vaccination – a guide for adults (