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Dear Patient,

This ensures that you get the right appointment with the right clinician (eg doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, clinical pharmacist) to meet your needs.

There is an online form on the practice website to submit your request by using below link:

We kindly ask you use this method of contacting the practice as it saves you time waiting for your call to be answered. It also frees up the telephone lines so that Elderly and Vulnerable patients can get through to us in a timely manner.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can still call the practice and a reception team will help you complete the form.

Once a clinician has reviewed your request you will be contacted to book an appointment, depending on the urgency. Patient Guide to Patient Triage: How to submit a medical request – YouTube

Thank for your continued support

Grosvenor House Surgery


We have formed a Patient Participation Group (PPG) for the merged “ Grosvenor House Surgery”.

More PPG Members would be most welcome, to better represent around 6,000 of our Practice Populations. We are in a time of significant change, so this is particularly important. We aim to have a PPG that reflects the diversity of patients and staff.

Joining us would enable you to:

  • have a voice and influence services,
  • gain an understanding of the services delivered and planned by the practice,
  • influence information delivery to patients,
  • influence information to patients about accessing, and the role of, the practices clinical specialists.

Our PPG meetings dates and times are flexible, to enable a good number of patients to join.  For example, it may become beneficial to move our meetings to evening and via online. Yes, our meetings are purposeful but also sociable with shared laughter

Please join us, you will be most welcome, simply fill in the form below. Want to join us but cannot make the date? Then register your interest but also email:- [email protected]

If a change of meeting date or time enables more people to attend, we will gladly change.

What is a Patient Representative Group?

Every PRG is unique, evolving to meet local needs. Most commonly, they work with their practices to offer the patient perspective on the services that are provided.

PPGs also help to improve communication, to encourage patients to take more responsibility for their health and to provide practical support.

Patient participation is Patients working with a practice to:

  • contribute to the continuous improvement of services;
  • foster improved communication between the practice and its patients;
  • help patients to take more responsibility for their health; and
  • provide practical support and help to implement change.

Varied to suit local needs

  • Each group determines its own activities according to the needs of the community and the practice itself.

Based on co-operation

  • PPGs work by building a relationship between the practice and its patients that breaks down barriers and shares information.
  • PRGs can develop to influence the wider NHS, most notably the decisions that are made on behalf of patients about the services that are to be available to them.

Contact the Patient Group

Contact the Patient Participation Group to join, or with any suggestions, comments and feedback for the forum meetings by completing the below form.